Sergio Pérez denies any option of signing for Mercedes


Little by little is going on denials to a possible equipment change on the part of the pilots named as possible candidates to replace Nico Rosberg in a Mercedes.

Sergio Pérez has been the last to do so during an event of Alpinestars, which acknowledged that “who take that position (the seat of Nico Rosberg) will be a pilot very lucky”, although he also wanted to make it very clear that you have “a contract with Force India for next season. My goal is to work with them and do the best you can. That is my goal for the next season”, ” said the mexican at the event.

Although there have been many pilots linked to Mercedes from Nico Rosberg announced his resignation to continue to compete, both drivers seem to have an advantage over the rest: Pascal Wehrlein and Valtteri Bottas. The first belongs to the pilot program of the German mark and still not have a contract with any team, while the second is represented by the agency of the head of Mercedes, Toto Wolff. Sergio Perez agrees that both pilots have more options than the rest: “I Think one of the favorites is Pascal Wehrlein, also is Valtteri Bottas. It is not easy for them, we are in December and many things are already closed”.