Sergio Perez looks to Haas F1 as a threat to Force India

Sergio PérezSergio Perez hopes that the debut of the team Haas F1 will be pretty good. The design of the chassis of Dallara and Ferrari engine, plus gearbox, suspensions of Maranello, can make the team, Haas F1 is transformed into a danger for some teams of middle grill. Gene Haas has already warned that his team will be surprised and you might score from the beginning, although this is yet to be seen, you have to be cautious.

The new teams that have gone from zero in the F1 have not been able to climb beyond the last few posts. The last few examples we have in Manor (formerly Marussia), the now defunct Caterham and our team HRT. Other equipment as “new” have departed from a good base by acquiring existing equipment, but this is not the case of Haas F1 that part from scratch, but with a strong partner like Ferrari.

Force India B 2015Sergio Perez does not believe that Haas F1 go the same fate that the equipment cited in the previous paragraph. Will not have to fight at the end of the grid in 2016 and could be in the middle of the table with ease, scoring frequently and pose a threat to teams like Toro Rosso, Force India and any more of this part of the peloton. In addition, Force India, after he failed to clinch the agreement with Aston Martin, and other difficulties, could have a 2016 quite hard as you have recognized.

Perez has commented that “Is a great challenge joining a new team. At the same time, he knows that he was not going to win the Championship where he was, so I’m not really surprised. Is looking for another goal and, who knows, could be the right choice for your future.” on the signing of Romain Grosjean by the team Haas F1 after the departure of the Lotus of the frenchman. Another who has to be happy with the project, Haas is the partner of Grosjean, a compatriot of Perez, Esteban Gutierrez.