Session tuning for Audi A1

Although it did not take long among us Audi A1 has already received several adaptations tuning industry . As today we bring is perhaps one of the finest and most respected the original image of urban small Audi.


Compilation German Senner Tuning You searched this work add a little more sauce gasoline engine mounts A1 series and introduced light and successful aesthetic changes help the image of A1 wins elegance and sportiness.

Preparation starts with a powerhouse engine through reprogramming ECU (electronic control unit which controls the operation of motor) and a new sports exhaust system, manages to increase the power supplied by the propeller of the original 122 hp to 165 and increase the maximum torque of 265 Nm more than interesting. Also the original suspension was replaced by a fully adjustable sports signed by KW.


For purely aesthetic novelties, Senner decided small body bathing Audi with a stylish metallic brown teak in contrast to the white chosen to housing mirrors, roof arches and furnishing of side skirts.


front grill is decorated in a light black accentuates its forms, has the front bumper a new spoiler placed in its lower part, has added new side skirts and rear rear bumper of new design handles accommodate the new dual exhaust outlets and a diffuser.

To complete customization Senner has mounted A1 large wheels 19 inches in diameter made of aluminum alloy and shod with generously sized tires (225/35 R19).


Meanwhile, the interior has a new cloth upholstery Two Tone mouse to play and new and more comprehensive infotainment system.

price of A1 Senner Tuning signed when € 36,950 including € 10,000 in pieces, labor and of course Audi urban small.

Senner Tuning Images

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