Sette Camara will make his debut with Toro Rosso

One of the young talents of the pilot program of Red Bull,
Sergio ‘Sette’ Camera, begins his introduction into the world of the
Formula 1 as part of their preparation for their future
. The pilot
brazilian currently competes in the European F3 with the team
Motopark, which occupies the seventh position interim
championship that commands Lance Stroll.

The debut will occur with Toro Rosso on the second day of
test Silverstone
, after you have filmed Carlos Sainz on the first day.
Such trainings will be held the week following the Grand Prix of Great Britain, as was the case with Spain in

“I Am very happy and excited to test with the Scuderia Toro
Rosso. It is a great opportunity for which I have worked very hard and I
would like to thank everyone who made this possible,
especially Red Bull”.

Franz Tost, boss of Toro Rosso, facing the test with excitement and
expectation, as in the spirit of the team has always been
develop and grow young talent.

“Personally, I find fascinating to see how these young people
adapt, not only to the increase in power, downforce and
braking of a Formula 1, but also to see how they react to the
pressure of a day under the spotlight of Formula 1. We
provides valuable information about how they should progress
in the future. Therefore, I am delighted to welcome
Sergio to our team for a day and hope it will be an experience
beneficial for both parties”.