Seven million of fines could be overturned


Seven million from traffic fines could be cancelled

Motorists Associated European (SAA) have been detected irregularities in the fines reported during the last year through the Counter Edictal of Traffic Sanctions (TESTRA) by the DGT, the Basque Government, the Servei Català de Trànsit and the local councils. AEA estimated that affects seven million of fines.

The irregularities found are that the sanctions released omitted the date of the resolution, this did not appear in the header or in each of the pages of the edict as the law requires. Without this date the citizens can’t calculate the legal timeframe to pay the discount or appeal.

The result is that “All notifications of fines made in the last year through the Tablón Edictal of Traffic Sanctions (TESTRA) are ineffective and invalid because they did not meet the regulations governing the notification of fines, edicts, in the cases that would not have been able to be personally delivered to the stakeholders , has stated SAA.

on the other hand, in the opinion of the legal services of SAA subject “ also opens the possibility of ask for and review the record for those motorists who were charged promptly handle the fines through liens, provided that they had not received any notification by certified mail or have submitted a written response to the recommendation of the management services fines ”.

The TESTRA is a website where individuals and businesses can consult the notifications of fines that have not been able to receive in your home. legally binding and it works from the 24 of November of 2010 as the official means of publication of disciplinary proceedings in Traffic. The DGT is its management organ and is responsible.

From the beginning, SAA has denounced irregularities in the use of the TESTRA. In December 2010 it was reported that appeared in disciplinary proceedings initiated prior to its entry into force and the calculation of the time limits was erroneously reduced. By then the DGT filled errors. However almost a year later, in October 2011, SAA was detected that according to the date on which you downloaded the files from the edicts, these showed a different content.