Several Corvette Z06 wrecked after hitting the truck that was carrying


Affected several Corvette and Corvette Z06 2017.

again we find the same scenario, a truck full of sports suffering an accident, fortunately with no victims to regret, except the material damage in the transport vehicle and the own sports.

This week I loved as a truck carrying several Porsche 911 employees to develop the new generation of the model ended up face down on a road in Sweden, about 19 kilometres from the centre of tests of the German mark in that country. The base of operations of the brand for winter testing.

In that case, the accident was caused by the strong wind, which managed to drag the truck, and dump one of the trailers that contained two cars. In this, what we have is an incident of road more ordinary, with two trucks involved. One of them was carrying several Corvette 2017, including some units of the Corvette Z06.


That hole is supposed that they did the ‘Vettes.

The event took place yesterday, when the two trucks were circulated in parallel for a dual carriageway, and both are touched. According to the images, it is easy to deduce that after the touch several vehicles jumped out of their position empotrándose against the side of the box of the second truck.

This second truck shows a more than obvious hole in his right side, while the trailer carrying the Corvettes with less visible damage, but multiple copies are damaged and displaced to the left, with symptoms of an obvious coup.

According to witness reports, at least 4 units of the sporty
suffered severe damage
, although the most noticeable are the two that
deal with the ends later, it is precisely the exemplary, more expensive,
as to correspond with the model Z06.