ShareRoller: would you like to transform your standard bicycle into an electric bike?

I Am sure that those that you may be fans of the bike, on one occasion, I’ve felt tempted to buy a electric bike. The first time I tried an electric bike I could not avoid making accounts, and imagine myself moving through the city exclusively on bike. The problem is that these products are not exactly inexpensive, and often involve other problems, such as weight, or not be useful when we want to use the bike to train, and not to get to classes, or work, without having to put up jams, without spending one euro on fuel, and no sweat. But, what if we could transform any bike into an electric bike in a few seconds? That is precisely what is proposed by ShareRoller.

ShareRoller can be adapted to any bike, even scooters, in a few seconds.

ShareRoller is based on a compact unit, which includes motor and battery, adaptable to the telescope’s front end, so that a rotating wheel in contact with the front tire give us an extra push. Once attached to the mount, the installation and un-installation of this appliance carries 5 seconds. Weighs only 2.5 kg, and by size and weight it is more inconvenient to load (when we conduct dismounted) to a laptop.

According to its creators, its thrust is sufficient to reach more than 30 km/h without effort and to move without pedaling for a distance of between 22 and 32 km, and even getting to 58 km if we opt for a version equipped with a bigger capacity battery.


Honestly, I have my doubts about that its thrust is so good, to tenor of which is based only on a system with a surface in full contact with the wheel. In any case, its creators claim that ShareRoller is capable of pushing us with energy, without the need to pedal, and that this is not a wizard pedalling either.

What is interesting about ShareRoller is that, by design, can be adapted to bicycles of a very diverse nature, whether walking, mountain, folding, or even scooters. ShareRoller also includes a charger USB integrated.

The problem, as usual, is that this is not a system precisely cheap. The project, which has already been presented in INDIEGOGO, has already opened the booking period. Deliveries will begin in may 2016, with a price of 649 $ (588€ at the current exchange rate). In any case, is it not a really good idea to adapt a system of electrification as simple and comfortable as this to our favorite bike?

Source: ShareRoller
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