Shark fins also serve to show the dorsal


One of the most controversial aspects of the design of the
new Formula 1 is without a doubt the shark fins. This has been recognized Ross
Brawn, the new Executive Director of the category in different statements,
in which he has come to affirm that the fins of a shark and the ‘T-Wings‘ are
adverse consequences of the new technical regulations. All in all, without the support
unanimous agreement of all teams, the shark fins will co-exist with the new
cars at least during this year, although these do not serve, in terms
aesthetic or even to accommodate the number of riders

In relation to this situation, Ross Brawn, has stated,
‘Autosport’ that the reach of the shark fins is a proof that
Formula 1 sometimes often moves away from their own interests
“The frustrating thing of it all is that Jean Todt had the idea, valid
any way, put the number in the fins of the shark, on the side of the
car, for the fans from the grandstand to see the car and identify the
pilot. Not all fans are enough experts as to
recognize the helmet and everything else”.

The shark fin is ideal for that, because the addition of a large number is easy. However, half of the teams said they would not put something like that in their cars, that it was something terrible,” explained Brown, who then added: “We tested, we did pictures and everything else, but everyone said it was horrible and didn’t want that. In the end, the new rules sought to hire more attractive, but in the end only what we have achieved in half by the lateras shark and the ‘T-Wings’. The following regulation to avoid these things, even though it is only for aesthetics“.