Shelby 50th Anniversary Super Snake: New limited edition Shelby Mustang 2015


New limited edition Shelby.

After a long wait, finally has already been unveiled the latest addition to Shelby American, the new Shelby 50th Anniversary Super Snake, created to commemorate the 50 years of the first GT500 Super Snake, born in 1967. This is a work of the only Shelby American is responsible for, and in spite of what we expected has nothing to do with the GT500 or any other version that we see in the official catalog of Ford.

The new Super Snake to 2017 is a tribute to the brand founded by Carroll Shelby and is based on the Mustang 2015, that is to say, the model that Ford will sell in a few months, as it has been presented this same week the facelift of the Mustang, the new model in 2018.

Has a kit supercharger raises the power of the V8 Coyote 5.0-liter up to 679 HP (670 hp), although there is in the option of a supercharger of increased size that triggers the power up to 760 PS (750 hp). These certainly are great figures, but it is certain that modified versions of the Mustang, 2015, with more than 800 HP are available from the SEMA 2015.


Larger wheels and new exhaust, spoiler and skirts.

Roush presented the 2015 kit Stage 3 raises the power to 679 HP (670 hp) and Hennessey has the Mustang HPE700 raises the power of the V8 5.0-liter up to 726 HP (717 hp), more than 800 in the case of the GT350, adding a supercharger to the V8’s Voodoo 5.2-liter.

Some tuners americans less well-known have even kits that come dangerously close to the 1,000 HP, making the new Super Snake from Shelby is not the Mustang 2015 aftermarket most radical available currently.

The coincidence in time of this filing, announced by Shelby a week ago and the arrival of the new Mustang 2018 only two days, made us think that we were before the long-awaited GT500, but unfortunately has not been as well.


Available from 69.995 in its variant of 670 hp.

For the official version of Ford, which was the one we expected most of the specialized media, wait a while more, so that for the moment, those customers who want a little bit of history and a lot of horses, have the option to be with one of only 500 Shelby 50th Anniversary Super Snake that will be manufactured by Shelby American.

From 69.995 usd – including the own vehicle, a donor – you can access the version of 670 hp, but with the option of 750 hp is capable of reaching 96 km/h in just 3.5 seconds and do the quarter mile at 10.9 seconds. In addition to the new hood, with the air inlets of the Super Snake original, we find a rear spoiler, body-slightly more low, new splitter and side skirts, as well as anagrams of the anniversary, and the name of Shelby in several areas.