Shelby announces new Mustang, Does the GT500?


The mysterious teaser of Shelby American, a silhouette of the GT350.

Ford seems determined to surprise us with the new Mustang 2018. A model that takes months to be seen camouflaged in the streets, and already we have been able to hunt if not all, a large part of their versions during its development. In fact, as we mentioned yesterday in our brief summary of the Detroit motor show that the Mustang was one of the most notable absences from this show, so what is it that is going to present Shelby the 19th of January?.

With a stark dark silhouette, which in addition does not belong to the model in question, since that is a file image of the GT350, the company founded by Carroll Shelby invites us to the auction of Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale, Arizona, where it will be presented the model, the advertise it as “The Legend is reborn”, (revives the legend). Accompanied by the hastags #50years #Snakebit #TheLegendReturns.

The first two hashtags refer to an anniversary or a model that you already had the 50 years, while the second leaves it clear that his name is connected with a snake, whatGT500 Super Snake or Cobra GT500 KR?. The first of them, if that was available in 1967, however, the GT500 KR it was not until the following year, with the incorporation of the V8 428 Cobra Jet.


Recreation of the new Shelby GT500 convertible.

The new GT500 we have spoken on several occasions and even found as on the website of the brand appeared magically designations GT500, 2017 and GT500 convertible 2017. So that is a version that is already expected, but not before the Mustang 2018 is presented, so the surprise is not to find a teaser that makes reference to the model, but this is prior to the range’s Mustang that is supposed to drift.

The question therefore is, to be the new GT500 2017, do will be based on the new Mustang 2018?.

Until within a week we will not know, since it comes next Thursday, January 19, in precisely the same facilities of Ford Performance in the auction Barrett-Jackson in Arizona.


Unit tests of course GT500.

This opens the door to new speculations. Ford may have delayed a few days the presentation of the Mustang precisely for that does not coincide with the Detroit motor show, and so get all the international attention during those days and leave space to your great presentation, the new F-150. Or perhaps have preferred to wait for some other event, as the possible 50th anniversary of the GT500 and present both Mustang and Shelby GT500.

Precisely in Scottsdale will bring together a large number of copies
Shelby, as we have already seen days ago, and it is a place that is as valid as
any other
to present the update of the new sports.