Shelby GT500 convertible 2017: Ford could have filtered the convertible version


Prototype camouflaged the new GT500 coupe.

few days Ago I we reported that a possible error that could confirm the arrival of the new version Shelby GT500 2017 of the new Ford Mustang, a possibility that it takes commenting from several months ago. Ford used to use the url “…cars/mustang/trim/shelbygt500/” to name the page showing the version V6 of the Mustang today, a move of rather strange if it was due to a mere error.

But the title that we found in the Google search left less space to the imagination, because they could read perfectly “2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 | The Cobra of Performance Cars”. What seemed to invalidate the theory that it could be a simple programming error. Days after Ford ceased to use that url, but today we have been surprised to discover that again we find the same error, , but already with the word convertible well visible, added to the designation Shelby GT500.

This suggests that not only can we expect the arrival of a new version GT500 to the new range Mustang, but as in the previous generation, the version Shelby GT500 will also feature variant convertible body, something that the current GT350 has not enjoyed since it was introduced in 2015.


The website of Ford now displays the result “GT500 convertible”

As you can see in the pictures, Ford not only uses the url “…cars/mustang/trim/shelbygt500convertible/”, interestingly again in the page intended for the Mustang V6 the current version that is thought will disappear as soon as the new Mustang facelift appears in the dealerships, but the title of Google also clearly mentioned the version GT500 convertible 2017.

The last time Ford used the name GT500 was with the Shelby GT500 Super Snake 2013, a model which remained in production until 2015, and that continues to be the most powerful version to date, marketed by Ford, that could have 671 HP (662 hp) or 862 HP (850 hp), depending on the package chosen.

unlike the current GT350 and GT350R, more oriented to the track and therefore with models like the 911 GT3 in its sights, the GT500 will be the variant most brawny in the most traditional way of the model, which would allow you to be able to have a variant open. As it will become more important the raw power that the tune of your rack to track.


back page of the Mustang V6 gets a strange change of url.

In terms of their mechanics, during these months have supported the theory that the new GT500 would be a supercharged version of the V8 Voodoo that uses the current GT350. A block of 5.2 liters and crank type crossplane, that in the GT500 would be named V8 Predator. However, when he discovered the url with the name of the GT500 in the same code of the page appeared the keyword “the Shelby GT500 5.8-liter V8 engine”, data describe precisely the mechanics of the previous GT500, the motor V8 Trinity 5.8-liter and 671 horses.

Whatever finally the chosen block by Ford, the figures of power that are handled for the base version of the GT500 are in an arc between the 750 and the 810 horses. What sweep with the current versions Hellcat from Dodge.

For the moment, what is sure is that in a few weeks we will know
the new facelift of the Mustang
, a renewal that will affect only
slightly in aesthetics and you more than likely have in your range
with surprises as will the new versions GT500 2017, both in
variant coupe and convertible.