Shell wants to install in its gas stations, charging points for electric

Shellwe All know which is the main problem that have the electric vehicles that are today on sale. low autonomy cause customers to reject your purchase and that makes their taking off in sales is costing more than what brands would have wished for. However many are the actors are interested in expand network chargers for owners of this type of car can make a trip without the feeling of staying thrown in a ditch.

One of these actors is the oil anglo-Dutch Shell. This company is the fourth largest of those dedicated to oil and energy and to continue on the path you have planned install in their service stations points to recharge electric vehicles. To carry out its strategy will begin installing recharging points at stations that have spread throughout the Uk.

Shell vs RepsolWith this initiative, the oil will enter in competition directly with companies dedicated to the installation of charging points as Chargemaster, Ecotricity and Tesla (with their super-chargers), among which accumulated more than 12.000 chargers in the Uk. However Shell still no has confirmed how many charging points will be installed and in how many of the more 1.000 gas stations that have spread throughout the United Kingdom.

According to the oil in function of acceptance and use of the charging points you will consider to implement it in more countries europeans. In this way you could extend your business towards new customers and markets.

In Spain this initiative is already being carried out by another oil company. In this case Repsol next to Nissan they are installing charging points in some of their service stations. In addition, some Autonomous Communities, such as Cantabria, are calling for aid to promote the electric vehicles through the installation of charging points in the main points of the community.

Source – Shell