Sherry also offered to host the gigafactoría european Tesla


city Hall of Jerez (Flickr) by Salva Mendez – CC BY SA 2.0

After they have been offered to municipalities of Galicia, Navarra and Valencia for that Tesla put his second gigafactoría, the andalusian have thought why not? Last December 28th, the group Citizens, through his municipal spokesperson Carlos Pérez, warned of their intentions to bring the proposal to the full city.

Tomorrow will fail with the debate in the consistory of the sixth most sprawling city in Spain and the most populated of the province of Cádiz, in principle there will be quorum among all the political groups, both left and right. It will make an institutional statement that will be made available to Tesla via the Junta de Andalucia and the Government of Spain. Tesla sees the Iberian Peninsula as one of the most suitable sites for the future plant.

Jerez de la Frontera is a town with a lot of industry and a relatively well-connected. Have a connection with Seville in less than an hour by motorway, port and airport. The same Jerez has an international airport, later you will have high-speed connection (AVE) and the port of Algeciras is not very far away. In addition, in Cadiz if there is something that no shortage will be interested in working in the factory.


Carlos Perez, presenting the proposal of Citizens to request the Tesla factory on the 28th of December 2016

it is known that Tesla wants to produce locally in Europe to meet the colossal demand of the vehicle electrical media, Tesla Model 3, which broke all the forecasts in their reservation system. Practically, there are 500.000 interested that had come with $ 1,000 each (refundable) to be made with the first units. The plant in Fremont (California) will not supply.

that Is why Tesla needs a factory of truth in Europe. Right now in Tilburg (Netherlands) is located a small factory that assembles cars partially assembled from the united States, and from there is sent to the distributors of each country. In our country, Tesla is beginning to implement officially, the few cars that have arrived have been via importers based outside.

Spain is a destination very attractive to place the gigafactoría, as explained in a previous article. In addition, given that the gigafactoría will have many solar panels for self-supply of energy, a place like Jerez, with such abundant sunshine, is particularly attractive. Similar arguments were offered in Paterna (Valencia), another of the localities of candidates.

right Now Spain is the second european producer of automobiles, both of cars and of passenger cars and industrial, while in Andalusia there is no factory of automotive active. Renault has a factory in Sevilla, which produces gearboxes. Since the closure of Santana Motor in Linares (Jaen), Andalucia has lost strength on the map car Spanish.

would Not be the first time that the province of Cádiz is home to a automotive industry. It was in the 20’s, when Ford Motor Company established an assembly line for the Model T that came partially armed from the united States. The adventure lasted just about three years, when he diverted the production to Barcelona.

If Elon Musk chose Cadiz would cause a tremendous shock in a region especially hit by unemployment and with an economy heavily dependent on seasonal tourism. Only the gigafactoría could generate 10,000 jobs direct, not to mention all the indirect jobs and the necessary to build a factory as big as planned.


Tesla Model 3

Germany, Slovakia, United Kingdom and France will fight for the gigafactoría

Against the proposals of Galicia, Navarra and Valencia, the option cadiz has a lower tissue enterprise linked to the car. Remember that the three regions which I have just mentioned have huge factories, Vigo (PSA), Landaben (Volkswagen) and Almussafes (Ford). Therefore, have a network of suppliers capilarizada.

on the other hand, is sure to Jerez will offer many facilities for Tesla, including vast tracts of industrial land, grants and a lot of manpower available. On the other hand, Andalusia has several universities nearby, such as the US or the UMA, which can nourish of qualified personnel to staff the california-based company.

Spain is the country of Western Europe, more attractive to new awards and industrial we are the less factories have closed the continent in crisis, have only dropped two, Linares, and one of Barcelona dedicated to buses. Soon Elon Musk will have that fixed in one of the four areas of Spanish, which surely will receive you with open arms.