Shown: the stick-selfie and driving are not compatible (video)

Some time ago we told you about the fashion of selfies sticks . These devices extend the distance that we take pictures or videotaped, improving the focal length of smartphones and giving those printing GoPro videos that are recorded by someone else. The problem is when some irresponsible use a stick selfie for recording while driving, paying more attention to the camera at the wheel. It was a matter of time before we saw a video like this, showing that driving and these sticks are not compatible.

Fortunately there was only a broken regrets and scared moon.

Everything happened in the United States. The owner of a Jeep Wrangler off-road prepared for was recording himself with a GoPro while driving on a dirt road. Apparently, the track does not have any. The problem was the pick-up with a canoe on your back that ran before him , presumably from a friend. If you are looking at the camera rather than in front may not see the pick-up stop. And if you do not see the pick-up curb, you may canoe carrying pierce your glass .

The result of this video could have been catastrophic if the collision would not have occurred 10 to 15 kilometers per hour. Needless to tell you what can happen to them the occupants of a car when a sharp object through the windshield of a car – it is not unbreakable – at speed. It’s common sense, which in this case has resulted in the need of a new moon, but could have ended in disgrace . Please, driving there can be absurd distractions such as selfie sticks.

In motor: You say what you say, the danger is not the sticks-selfie

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