Sighted the first mule of tests of the future SUV based on the Nissan Navara


it Is clear that before we have the complete design of the Navara

Nissan is the inventor of the modern Crossover. The japanese brand gave the bell more than 10 years ago with the launch of the Nissan Qashqai. Today its range SUV is the most sold and although we thought that there was no possibility of expanding, we are now the first spy photos of a future SUV based on the Nissan NP300 Navara.

The mule of evidence has been discovered in an advanced stage of their development stage, where they call attention to the considerable amount of camouflage. From hace been a few months since had been speculating with this possibility, but it has not been until today when we have seen the development of this new SUV.

The trade name is for the moment a complete unknown, but based on the silhouette that we see in images, it might well be that Nissan intends to recovering for Europe the appellation Patrol, which is still being preserved in a wide variety of markets, such as the Middle East.


The measures will be equal or very similar to the pick-up

Is too early to determine if this is so, or if on the other hand Nissan decided to change the name, or also retrieve the name Pathfinder, which, like the Patrol, it takes a lot of time without being in the old continent, but not so in other countries. In fact the old Pathfinder was like this mysterious SUV on the Navara.

As we say, rumors about an SUV based on the Nissan Navara, have been around since we saw an official way the new generation of pick-up commercial from Nissan. architecture, 5-link rear suspension already warned us that the japanese wanted to give this model greater usability, and it seems that finally it will be as well.

Although the prototype seems to be finished, the truth is that there is still much work for his release. According to our information, will not come until the middle of next year. Before that date we should know about two new models of Nissan, as mentioned a few days ago.


The capacity will be five or seven passengers, leaving still a good load space