Sighted the first mule of tests of the future SUV based on the Volkswagen Polo

Today we are facing one of those occasions in which we see a mule of evidence for the first time. However, before this is put in background. We know that Volkswagen has already given start to the development of a new generation of the Polo. The test units that have been spotted, not photographed, kitted out bodies of the Volkswagen Golf as the that we in pictures, but in any case they showed that free height with respect to the ground.


The greater height with respect to the ground indicates to us that we are facing a future SUV

This indicates to us that the next generation of the Volkswagen Polo will not only employ the modular platform of Volkswagen, MQB, but also will have a range more varied than the current one. The German brand has already confirmed that the three-door version will disappear from the market, in fact have already done so, so that all will have five doors. But beyond that, and as we show the spy photos, there will be a SUV based on the Volkswagen Polo.

Sure you remember that in the past Geneva motor show Volkswagen already gave us a preview of the tremendous possibilities that would exist in the new generation Polo. He demonstrated this by presenting a prototype is a breakthrough, the Volkswagen T-Cross Breeze. An SUV five-door convertible. Although we believe that this will materialize, also make similar versions of hard-top. A new line of products that attempt to meet the needs of the customers in the B-segment-SUV. A niche market booming in recent years.

To be based on the Polo, which in turn will be based on the Golf three-door, the model will share among themselves a large quantity of items. From the engines, three-and four-cylinder, diesel and gasoline, to drive systems and gearboxes. What is not shared, or at least that’s what we think, is design. The Volkswagen Polo will have their design, and that SUV derived from the same will have one fully differentiated. The same thing is happening now with the Golf and the Volkswagen Tiguan. To view the article we will have to wait, because until the beginning of 2018 is not expected to disembarkation.


this Is the first time that we see this unit test, but sure we do it later

By the time little else is known about this future mini SUV. However the intentions of Volkswagen are very clear here in future. And these are none other than to flood the market of this type of units. The Tiguan and Touareg will be added over the next few years, intermediate units and lower. Recently we discovered the mule testing of the Volkswagen CrossBlue, a large SUV with three rows of seats and seven-passenger capacity that is being developed in the united States, the main market that will be aimed.