Silverstone contact the british government to keep the Formula 1


The continuity of Silverstone as the seat of the Grand Prix of Great Britain from 2020 and, therefore, the own Grand Prix is one of the hottest topics of this first month of the year after it made public the letter in which the BRDC, owner of the circuit, he spoke of the possibility of activating a termination clause of the contract, something that should be done this year.

This approach,was received with certain indifference to Bernie Ecclestone, has been encouraged by the views of important figures from motorsport uk, one of the main engines of economic and sociological in the paddock. One of them is the president of the BRDC, Derek Warwick, ex-pilot of Formula 1, in which he played 147 Great Prizes of Formula 1 between 1981 and 1993, and that he earned four podiums with Renault in 1984, included a second-place finish in the british Grand Prix, the penultimate tournament was held at Brands Hatch.

Warwick, now the main figure who is responsible for the responsibility of the management of Silverstone, has wanted to clearing any fears about the future of the race during the celebration of the Autosport Show and, although it recognizes the difficulties, fully confident that the event will continue, which will in Silverstone and that an agreement will be reached that it is so:

“do Not worry, we will have Great Prize for the next three years 100%, up to 2019. I have the feeling that we cannot live without the Great Prize of Great Britain, or without Silverstone. You will come to some compromise, with Bernie or with Liberty. We have had meetings with the Liberty, and Chase Carey, understands our dilemma, and we understand that he has to make money, that is what they do”.

Warwick criticized the statements of Ecclestone, ensuring that “basically, we’re in January, and Bernie has nothing to talk about, so I have chosen Silverstone, although he has revealed that the still supreme head of the Formula 1 “has called us to say, ‘I can do a meeting and talk about it'”. Warwick has even begun the process to carry out one of the suggestions of Jackie Stewart, to ask for government aid: “We are very optimistic. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and I think that we will have Great Prize beyond 2019. We are talking with the government to see if they can help in any way, although I’m not really sure”.

In the overall activity of the circuit is concerned, Warwick is satisfied despite tight budget to manage: “There are many good things happening in Silverstone: World Rallycross, MotoGP, World Endurance, british Superbike and the classic… of course, we are both short of money, and we would like to reasfaltar the circuit, so we are looking for”