Silverstone is dyed red with the event Passione Ferrari 2016


The universe Ferrari flooded the british circuit for a weekend.

The events Ferrari Passione more than a simple meeting of models of the brand, are all a prize for the faithful clients of the firm in Maranello. Organized in various strategic points of the globe, these appointments are one of the best samples of the universe, Ferrari. Organised with care by the brand, always have some of the historical pieces of the house of Maranello, as well as some of its most distinguished personalities related to it.

On this occasion took place in the brain, Silverstone track, destined for the customers of Ferrari North Europe, coinciding with the celebration of the Paris Salon 2016, where the Italian firm presented in society the new LaFerrari Aperta and GT4Lusso T, and the first units special decorated especially for the imminent 70 anniversary of the signature. However, the event of Silverstone not desmereció at all.

Held on the weekend of 1 to 2 September, the Passione Ferrari hosted at Silverstone, to the owners and VIPs of the brand with a wide array of vehicles from multiple categories. The units of the guests who attended the event, gathered the spectacular FXX K and 599XX from the division of sports Corse Clienti, which delight with its wild roar when they come out to the track.


The models of the Series XX the most spectacular.

To these we could add the various single-seaters, historic Scuderia, shown only by way of exposure and the latest models on display from the current catalog of the firm of Maranello.

Among the personages who attended the event could find the former driver of the Scuderia Ferrari, Rene Arnoux, accompanied by the Spanish Marc Gené, the current pilot tester team and Italian ambassador of the brand. These were the ones in charge of providing guidance to the clients of the programme XX in the path british.

To the spectacular nature of the event and the vehicles present, joined a charity initiative. Ferrari North Europe collaborated with the institution Rays of Sunshine and the association BEN, founded by the automotive industry to take advantage of the event and bring to Silverstone to 50 children, each one of which had the opportunity to take a ride on board of a California T by the path of the british. An experience for young ages.


The youngest had the day of their lives in the path.

the first day of The event, Ferrari North Europe took the opportunity to graduate five new technicians of the network service, five workers who have just finished their technical training of 3 years in the headquarters of Ferrari North Europe and the distribution network of the brand. A great way, in our opinion, to assess the quality of the service of attention to the customers of the brand.