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received by General Motors

The scandal engines TDI Volkswagen USA He has been shaken by surprise the automotive industry. But we must not forget that Current emission levels are laughable compared to those in 1973. It was the United States the first country to introduce stringent emission controls for vehicles whose fuel consumption and emissions were completely shot in the time of the first oil crisis. It was in that year when GM received one of the highest priests of humility in its history by Soichiro Honda .

A revolutionary technology

From overnight, the EPA US He announced harsh limits on emissions.

It was in 1973 when Honda breaks, presenting his then very new Honda Civic CVCC . Honda was still led by Soichiro Honda, who had started the company then was only 25, adding simple bike engines. Honda was already a renowned company in 1973, but Detroit still did not take them seriously. Maybe they did not have that Mr. Honda was the Elon Musk engineering in Japan of the time . And I was about to give General Motors most humbling experience to date.

Let us in situation. Honda presents its Civic CVCC , and announces that his car and 1973 meets the provisions of the EPA US on emissions . Not only those in 1973, but that come into force in 1975 . And all this without losing power, using catalysts or gas recirculation systems. Detroit was puzzling to make their engines fulfill emission limits of EPA , and did so inefficient base catalysts, stealing tens and hundreds of horses.

engine CVCC Honda met the legal limits without the need for heavy and expensive catalysts.

Many muscle car have passed about 400 hp in 1970 to be less than 200 hp only three years later. Detroit tried everything, even reduced compression ratios of the engines to reduce their level of emissions and allow them to use low-octane gasoline – 87 octane. The Civic CVCC did not need any additional device to control emissions. Although 1.5 liter engine developing 53 hp just , were more than enough to nimbly move a car that weighed only 680 kg.

CVCC means Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion. It was a motor with a modified cylinder head 12 valve and four cylinders. The difference was that the engine CVCC available in a pre-chamber combustion , where a mixture of air and rich gasoline was introduced by adding a valve inlet. This was pre-chamber communicated with the main combustion chamber, where the blast cooler mixed with the rest of the mixture. – Much poorer and introduced by a second conventional intake valve

“This technology only works on toy engines”

Detroit took a Honda as a kind of joke. Until the joke they exploded in his face.

The result was a fulfillment of US emissions limits without catalyst, a primitive form of stratified fuel injection. It was a revolutionary technology . Ford and Chrysler soon contacted Honda to license the use of this technology in their engines. However, the statement is famous Richard Gerstenberg, then CEO General Motors: “ have evaluated this design, and although it seems to work in toy motors, we do not see our future in car engines . “

In Honda took little learning such bravado . Soichiro Honda decided to silence his main critic. And not stopped with words, he did so with facts . He purchased a 1972 Chevrolet Impala at a dealership and sent to Japan by air freight. Honda said its engineers aplicasen the Impala system CVCC Honda. After putting on the new 5.7 V8 engine cylinder heads Chevrolet , sent the car to the EPA US, that will test their emissions according to the regulations of 1975.

Soichiro Honda demonstrated with deeds – not words -. The viability of its system CVCC

The car perfectly fulfilled, having even traveled 3000 miles with a system in a state of prototype, never applied to large propellers. Its emissions of particles and nitrogen oxides were within legal limits set by EPA to 1975 and Honda did not need to install a EGR or catalysts. We did not invent: the results of such a feat are collected in a legal document, published by the EPA and you can see in the following link


and Honda did not reduce the power of the V8 engine in addition to reducing fuel consumption with respect to its original specification. It is unknown if there was response from General Motors, but Soichiro Honda did not need to even open his mouth. Perhaps it was the greatest cure of humility that General Motors could receive, and is another example of the genius of the founder of Honda, one of the key figures in the history of the automobile. A story to which I can only say one word: Bravo

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