Since it is legal for the circulation of autonomous cars in Spain

Nissan Leaf Autónomo driving autonomous as is legal in Spain. It has been ratified by the DGT, which announces that it will allow the circulation of autonomous cars in our country, a news that makes us one of the first european countries to allow the development of this technology. Precisely, for developers and your industry involves a superb news that, surely, will bring numerous investments.

Few are time countries that allow the circulation of autonomous cars, including the united States, which only allows its use in certain states. Now Spain is open to this new technology that promises to be the next revolution in the car. Just look at the amount of manufacturers that are betting, and very strong, in the development of these vehicles.

Coches autónomos mareosThere are limitations, as it is logical. It all starts by the definition of autonomous car in Spain, which roughly picks up those cars that, through their technology, allow their handling without the supervision or active control of a driver. Also shows that this technology is autonomous can be enabled or disabled temporarily or permanently.

In short, Spain already permits the circulation of autonomous cars, and it seems that one of the few rules is that you must have always a human at the controls monitoring that there are no mistakes. For an autonomous vehicle can travel along Spanish roads must request a special permit of two years which can be extended by the DGT. Now, fix the track sections on urban and long-distance calls where the evidence is allowed.

it can benefit the manufacturers, but also laboratories, as well as universities, consortia, or installers that participate in a development project of this nature. This ensures a certain investment in this technology and a door open in the universities for students to be integrated in the framework of the autonomous car.