Sir Frank Williams, hospitalized


Mike O Driscoll, Executive Director of Williams, has confirmed that Sir Frank Williams is in hospital in England as a result of pneumonia. Sir Frank became ill in the Grand Prix of Italy and had not returned to attend to the paddock of Formula 1.

O’driscoll has commented that Williams “has been a fixture in the paddock for many years and it becomes strange not to have him among us. He has had hard moments in the hospital, contracted pneumonia, is recovering slowly and progressively. We hope to see you back in the Grove very soon, we all know the determination that you have”.

on the other hand, Claire Williams, daughter of Sir Frank and current Deputy Director of the team, is also absent. In this regard, O’driscoll commented that “she wanted to be close to home, close to Frank, but in this world you are only a phone call away, so we connected and she is part of what happens minute-to-minute, day-to-day. We hope to see at the end of the year, maybe in Abu Dhabi”.