Sirotkin will roll with Renault in Sochi


Renault has decided that Sergey Sirotkin accompany Jolyon Palmer in the first free practice session on Friday to continue completing their training. The Russian pilot, who was present in Sochi and Interlagos last year, has already made contact with the RS17 at the test in Bahrain this month.

Nico Hülkenberg lease your car to the Russian pilot, returning to the usual routine in the second session of the day. In this regard, Sirotkin has said that it is “looking forward to the moment. This year I have learned that it is not easy to be on the track, but not in the car watching the rest of the riders in action and competing, it is very frustrating and I want to be on the track. I’m learning a lot with the team and it is a positive process and fun, but not as much as compete”.

New front wing

The first session of the Friday always is employed in making comparative aerodynamic of the new parts incorporated into the car. In the case of the appointment of Russian, the team will continue with the analysis of a new front wing already tested on the test of Bahrain, with a view to improve the race performance of the car, which tends to lower its performance with respect to the classification. The main problem with the car is an excess of instability in corner entry, understeer mid-and oversteer when you try to turn on the output.

In any case, Sirotkin says that it is limited to perform the work that the team may be entrusted, without focusing on getting a time eye-catching. “I’m here to do what the team tell me to do, that is my focus for the first session of Friday. If I have to make comparisons aerodynamic, I will, if I have to do a simulation of qualifying with the tyres ultrablandos, I’ll do it!”.