Six bad habits that reduce the life of your tires (and damage your wallet)

The tires are one of the major cost components of a car, if we speak of wear elements. Unlike the clutch or shock absorbers, tires must be replaced frequently, and as the car you have, its replacement can cost a good peak: with sports tires, the part can exceed 200 euros. It is important to take care of, and there bad habits that shorten your life and jeopardize your safety as well as your wallet. They are the only thing that connects your car to the road.

1) No pressure monitor

Remember: every two weeks is recommended that you check the tire pressures .

Cae drawer, but many people ignored for months the pressures of the tires of his vehicle. A good rule is review them every two weeks advantage from a refueling and check them at the station. The most common problem is underinflated – the tires are deflated. Our car uses more fuel (it will spend up to 20% more), will be less stable, and irregular tire wear will occur. The ends of the tread will wear faster

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When you go to inflate tires not overdo it: if fans more the tire will wear more for the central area of ​​the tread, promoting their early replacement. The pressure must be correct, neither more nor less. All cars indicate the necessary pressure of the wheels in vain to the door or the back of the fuel tank cap. And if it’s not there, you are in the car manual. Finally remember that the tire pressure should vary with the load of the car.

If you’re going to carry many passengers, heavy load or trailer , you have to inflate the rear wheels. Yes, it is normal even have to carry over 3 bar pressure. Remember back to deflate the tires once again be loading routine. It is also advisable to check the pressure in your tires after a very long journey, driving at high speed or aggressive driving. Do not be among those reviewing them when tire pressure get to do an oil change.

2) Upload curbs when parking or touching them

No “tweak” your tire. You can damage your sidewalls, the tread and the rim.

Yes chases your tires to the curb – when parking, for example – you can tear the edge. A tire torn or can develop lumps hit, in addition to its structural integrity compromised. It should be replaced as soon as possible. As far as possible avoid climbing curbs – you run the same risk – and if you have to do necessarily, upload them where they have as low as possible, and the slowest speed possible. The lower the profile of your tires, you risk damaging them with curbs.


3) Driving aggressively

The acceleration and braking accelerate the wear and tear of the tire.

Aggressive driving is not good for your tires. Give accelerating, braking and cornering seeking the limit of grip puts a lot of stress on your tires and causes wear much faster. We all like to give joy to the steering wheel from time to time, but know as smooth as possible during the day and your tires last longer. If your car is powerful and has a high torque – a compact diesel, without going any further -. The tires will be more prone to premature wear

4) Move to full speed humps and bumps

Cae drawer, right? Still, I’m tired of seeing everyday cars whizzing over the shoulders and lying guards. must go as slowly as possible – or low speed – over, especially in the case of the closest lying guards. If you pass quickly shorten the life of the tires: they can develop a bun and / or you can carry you drive alignment. With a misalignment, uneven tire wear will occur. And again, it will play to change the wheel.


4) Ignore vibrations and irregular wear: balanced, aligned

must not ignore these vibrations and movements with which our car alert us to problems.

Notes your address starts to vibrate a certain speed, or even noticeably upset. Possibly the balance of any of the tires has been damaged, or have altered the alignment. The state of our roads fosters this problem more and more usual. I’ve lost count of the number of sunken drains we have in our cities. Whatever the reason, you must take the car to the tire shop or your trusted workshop check balance and alignment .

The balanced is made on the wheel itself, placing a small weight compensating small irregularities and surface weight of the tire and / or rim. With the balance is achieved that is uniform rolling, vibration. The alignment – also called parallel – steering and suspension is necessary for the car to roll correctly: if you notice that the car is going sideways with the right wheel, your alignment is incorrect . A simple bordillazo can alter the alignment.

neumaticos-costumbres-1 If you notice unusual vibrations or suspensions direction is appropriate to review the problem again can be an alignment problem. Our car gives us clues that we must listen. I’m tired of seeing how many people ignore the warnings that your car is giving them, acting only when the fault has occurred. A symptom and effect of misalignment is a Incorrect tire wear , for example, only inside or only on the outside. Again, hear and feel to your car. Please.

5) Do not rotate your tires

If the balance is correct yourself can do the tire rotation.

Every 10,000 km or 15,000 km is convenient to rotate the tires . It may be earlier if the use they receive is very intense. This rotation will ensure a regular tire wear. Avoid an axis – the drive shaft – is noticeably worn another, with the obvious dynamic damage it causes. The rotation is different depending on the driving wheels of the vehicle and is also different if the car has tires with a directional tread.


6) Do not store your winter tires properly

It is important to move or rotate the position of stored tires once a month.

If you have winter tires – well done – you must store them properly when spring arrives. They should not be in contact with heat sources, with oil-stained or go to wet soil. Oil, moisture and other substances present in the floor of a garage can damage the tires in contact with the ground. Tires must be stored inflated and upright if they are mounted on the rim . If you are loose stack, but you reverse the order once a month.

Do not be lazy and do ignore these tips. Your safety and your wallet will benefit.

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