Six cylinders from eight cylinders: sound duel BMW Motorsport (video)

What BMW M3 BMW M4 sounds better, with 4.0 V8 atmospheric engine or the new with a turbocharged six-cylinder engine? The answer to the question would not be so simple if the six-cylinder had been the brilliant 343 hp 3.2 M3 E46 , but talk about a new turbocharged, by definition more muffled sound. The BMW M4 sounds good, but can sound as good as M3 E92 ? Things could change if the M4 in question is prepared by AC Schnitzer, who provided him with a full line of new escape.

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The problem is that the M3 in question is equipped with an escape craft manufactured by Stanic Performance . The company – whose logo looks like a demon – has made an exhaust line that extracts every last drop of fury engine 420 hp. His sound simply is on another level.

All atmospheric high performance engines – rare exceptions – often sound better than their overfed counterparts. This video amply demonstrates. Go up the volume of your speakers and enjoy your video fury. It is simply devastating.

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