Sixster for a day, in a Mercedes-AMG GTS 510 HP and 200,000 euros

When a friend suggested me a meal with some colleagues, the noon of Saturday, I realize how difficult it will be to explain to you what is 6to6 Motor.

I excused the food, telling him that a few friends have closed an aerodrome in Soria for racing drag with their supercars… and I’m going to go with a Mercedes AMG GT-S of 510 HP and 200,000 euros. His poker face helps me to understand that I have a plan idyllic weekend ahead. Be “sixster” mola.

ruta6to6_34More than one also be wondering what that is 6to6. Well, 6to6 Motor is the largest community of automobile sports of Spain. They are not just a group of friends who go out of route, but a company that organizes authentic experiences of engine and lifestyle. Lovers and owners of supercars are united by the desire to show them and the enjoyment of driving them. Days idyllic that include routes by road, gastronomy and amazing events… like today, at an aerodrome. It is the perfect formula to enjoy a supercar and meet people who share the same passion for sports cars.

Because four years ago I wrote a story entitled, “Dad, there’s more I want to be 6to6”. At that time, 6to6 Motor began to take off commercially with a powerful tour through Europe, so we have no hesitation in calling them the “Gumball 3000 Spanish”. Not by a long shot I thought that after a few years could participate in a route of this “select club” to enjoy it from within and to feel, “sixster” for a day.

ruta6to6_2Yes, it is a “club elite” in the sense that you have to have a sports or supercar to be able to participate in their routes, but it is really not elitist. The Madrid-Airport Challenge of today, it costs only € 190… To change, you being joyful with a wonderful weekend experience.

When we met at 9 in the morning in Perodri Joyeros calle Serrano for breakfast there is no doubt that the event is worth the effort: some of the sixsters come from very far away: there are people from Galicia and Andorra that has gone down to Madrid to do the route with us. We are also here with other colleagues of the press, with Marcos Piñeiro and Xantal of the organization, our friend Juanjo Pedrayes MICHELIN or Enrique New Mercedes-Benz.

ruta6to6_36During the breakfast we were taught Hublot LaFerrari MP-05, a watch that is a true work of art that are only going to make 50 units at a price of more than 300,000 euros, made from titanium, sapphire glass or carbon fiber between its components, and it mimics the design of the thruster V12 that mounts the Ferrari LaFerrari.

The list of registered participants come together today to a Mercedes-AMG C63, Porsche 911 GT3, Audi R8 V10 Plus, several BMW M4 and Nissan GT-R, Lamborghini Gallardo Supperlegera, Ferrari 458 Italia, Aston Martin Vantage, Lexus GSF, Audi RS6 Avant, Mercedes-AMG A45, Mercedes-AMG SL63, Ford Mustang, Maserati GT Stradale… And so on up to 50 participants. The template is now well, although the team of gala has been better on other occasions. In fact, a few months ago, my colleagues David and Mario were on a route in Valencia where he participated, for example, a Lamborghini Aventador, a 911 GT3 RS or 458 Speciale…

The output of today is going to be more discreet than usual. The cars parked in the parking lot under the madrid plaza de Colón will pass more unnoticed. At other times, the outputs meet the hundreds of people who flock to see parade the caravan of supercars.

But the scene you see in the parking lot, one by one, to the 50 participants starting the engine of their beasts is overwhelming in a closed space… before raising interest among passers-by of the Castellana and the calle Alcalá. People pull out their mobile phones and quickly dozens of onlookers crowded around us to immortalize the moment. Our Mercedes-AMG GT-S in yellow “solarbeam” is, probably, the most striking of the whole caravan. The color mustard that looks like our unit gives it a touch simply spectacular. In fact, this color costs as much as a Volkswagen Polo… specifically, the whopping 10.900 euros.

Mercedes_AMG_GT_S_prueba_2016_mdm_26The Mercedes-AMG GT comes in two versions, both with a V8 engine double turbo. The normal, with 462 HP and a price 145.500 € and this “S” version, potentiated up to 510 HP and with a starting price of 167.000€.

The Mercedes-AMG GT-S has a look of genuine pure blood. The design transaxle, with a front engine and central change next to the rear axle is what really brings identity to this AMG. Long platform, a hood, very elongated and short overhangs. The look is very sensual. With a riding position very delayed, his long nose or its rear lights that seem to be stickers. Mercedes has done a great job and for me it is, without doubt, one of the cars most beautiful and refined of the time.

ruta6to6_13The first part of our route runs for an hour and a half of quiet, traveling by highway to Sigüenza, in a very special atmosphere. The semibackets with belts red, the steering wheel lined in fine Alcantara or the speedometer tare up to 360 km/h, will give a touch very rácing. A centre tunnel very wide, separates me from my fellow Juanma Camera while we chatted about the comfort offered by the AMG GT-S. As its name indicates, is a “GT” in every rule, which is extremely comfortable for long trips. It is comfortable and laid back to press a couple of times the cam left, for the propeller to over 5000 laps and then a sprint furious, while the leaks emanate a deafening sound.

ruta6to6_50The last stretch, before Siguenza, is a twisty mountain road. Selected the sport mode to enjoy the powerful V8 510 HP hiding under the hood. The exhausts open up a valve that accentuates the sound sports the AMG GT-S. The address is, a priori, the resulting appearance is less rewarding in the Mercedes, basically because it is so lightweight that it doesn’t make you feel totally connected with the asphalt and that makes you feel a little lost at the beginning.

The arrival of the group in Siguenza cause quite a stir in the streets of the town, as you can imagine… it Is a small town of just over 4500 inhabitants. The Parador of Sigüenza is a spectacular place: an imposing castle of the XII century invites you to indulge in the life of the middle ages, situated on the summit of a hill that dominates the village.

a Few minutes after parking the AMG GT-S in the courtyard, a dozen of curious people around it taking pictures and asking for him. The AMG GT-S is surprising everyone.

After an aperitif with the sixsters commenting on the day, the route continues up to the aerodrome of Garray in Soria. Are the other two and a half hours that pass for secondary roads. Is my partner Juanma in charge now get to the controls on the AMG GT-S.

ruta6to6_18The route runs between the towns of Atienza, Berlanga del Duero and Fuentepinilla. Mountain roads with endless curves where you can enjoy the AMG GT-S, as well as long straights… oh, wide is Castile!. The good thing about this is that, unlike the Gumball 3000 is not a race. Each goes at its own pace and everything is more focused on driving and enjoy that run.

Mercedes_AMG_GT_S_prueba_2016_mdm_8Spent a few minutes three in the afternoon when we landed at the aerodrome of Garray. A meal high in a hangar, it was an extremely attractive, but what really we wanted was to start the races of drag.

ruta6to6_40At least a hundred people were gathered at the airfield to see the cars together and enjoy a special evening. The drag race is a discipline of motorsport, very typical of the united States. Basically, two cars are put in parallel and make an exit launched after the account of a traffic light. Simple, but addictive. Wins who walk, in less space of time, a quarter of a mile, and is about 400 meters. The thing promises to be interesting.

The organization has also mounted a circuit of ability, with curves, cones to zig zag and a roundabout in the wet where you do drift. So we decided to start here.

ruta6to6_43After you test our skill we start with the drag. The AMG GT-S is quite effective, beating other vehicles such as the 911 GT3, Ferrari 458 Italia or Audi RS6. We could climb up to 310 miles per hour, but, at the end of the quarter mile, we came to almost 200. From there we started to slow down.

The system of launch-control works wonders. Put the change in the manual, to activate the Race mode, touch both cams, confirm with the cam, right, slam on the brakes, speed up to background and disposed of. The process is long, but the result is violent. By its status as a rear-wheel drive, the first few meters are atragantan a little… there, you can feel the difference with the awd. But after that, thanks to its 650 Nm of torque, is beginning to gain ground in a way surprising. The times we are in third position in the quarter mile, after the Nissan GT-R vitaminado up to 600 HP, and the Audi R8 V10 Plus with 610 HP.

ruta6to6_45Experience the acceleration of the AMG-GTS and compare it with other cars is pretty fun. It is a process quite fast, in fact it takes just 12 seconds to cover the quarter mile. Benefits officers indicate that it accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 3.8 seconds and from 0-200 11.4 seconds.

Each time that the Ferrari 458 Italia, Nissan GT-R powered, or the Lamborghini Gallardo Supperlegera accelerate the background, the sound flooding throughout Castile and the hairs put us on edge. A shame the Lambo, which has no clutch of a double clutch, need to do the exit cast and stays behind in the times table.

also Surprising the Audi R8 V10 Plus, marking the 0-100 km/h in 3.1 seconds, with a capacity of traction immense. Is in a second position is very creditable, that would have been the first not to be by potentiation of the Nissan GT-R.

ruta6to6_47we can’t resist to teach the car to people in the breaks. All speak of its design, its color and the sound of the exhaust when I accelerate in vacuum. That’s why, we open the door for the curious to feel and raised the hood to look at the immense size of the V8 of 4 liters. We told them of the detail of the plate of the motor: each propeller is signed with the name of the technician who hand assembled, in order to highlight its manufacturing purely handmade.

The day with 6to6 has been very rewarding. We go back to Madrid by commenting on the curiosity of the day, happy to have met so many petrolhead like us. Now we think in the event of Barcelona Motordays, which will take place in barcelona on 4 and 5 June, as a prelude to the Europe Tour, the plan star of 6to6 Motor. And, if you’ve been wanting more AMG GT-S, you can read more in our test of the Mercedes-AMG GT-S.


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