Skoda and “70 guardians Winter”

The people of Valdelinares Teruel is highest village Spain located 1692 meters above sea level, its inhabitants are real experts to tackle low temperatures and survive the harsh winters .


Precisely why its 70 residents have been chosen by the brand Skoda to launch its new campaign Aftermarket original campaign that you can see video that we show below makes a nod to the popular series “Game of Thrones” and teaches us how to prepare for the harsh winter these “70 guardians Winter “.

When it comes to million views This video Skoda give away Skoda Scout 4 × 4 to citizens Valdelinares , to help on the go who need to do during the winter and make life easier.

They have also launched website where villagers advise prepare for the harsh winter .

So you know, if see the fine video, you will be helping the 70 guardians winter Valdelinares and incidentally is not a bad time to remember that at this time must undergo the car to have it ready for these cold months for which the sales network of Skoda gives us interesting offers

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