Skoda Athero, a Rapid Coupe created by the students of the Czech manufacturer

sometimes the manufacturers of vehicles like to give freedom and resources to their students more young people to show their fresh ideas to the public. This is the case of the exotic Skoda Athero, a unique vehicle created by students of the Skoda Academy that will be only in the prototype stage although it certainly could become a attractive production vehicle.


The Skoda Athero takes as a basis a Skoda Rapid hatchback, which in our market is known as Skoda Spaceback, to transform it into a vehicle coupe long fall from the ceiling. A team formed by 26 students, most under the age of 17 years, the academy of Skoda in Mladá Boleslav (Czech Republic) have invested 1.700 hours in creating this vehicle, a large part of them outside the hours of the school.

The body has been completely retouched to transform the silhouette of the compact. The rear doors have been removed, has new windows in the rear fixed that covering the glazed surfaces from the B-pillar to the D, the C-pillar remains in place but is semi-hidden after the dark areas of the moon. The front doors have been elongated 100 mm and to win in aspect of the coupé, the roof collapse has become more pronounced ending in a spoiler trasero.


body coupe has a silhouette fastback, such as the Toyota Prius. The main tone of the car is black, the literal translation of its name from the Latin, although with different details in red to generate contrast. We find the intense color in the above-mentioned rear spoiler, bumper, diffuser, side skirts, mirror housings, alloy wheels of 18 inches from the Octavia RS, under the grill and in the multiple slits that decorate the hood-lighted in red.

if you still had doubts about whether it will catch the attention or not, equipped with red lights in the headlamps and LED lighting going through all the low of the vehicle of the same color lighting up the asphalt in our paso.


In your car the black and red become to also be the main protagonists. We will find the combination in the steering wheel, gear lever, hand brake, upholstery of the sport seats, upholstery of the doors and some panels to improve the immersion in the vehicle. The two squares back and enjoy a feeling of spaciousness without equal with the extensive roof solar.

Under its hood, equipped with an engine 1.4 TSI of 125 CV of the family of engines VAG four-cylinder that owns the house in combination with a change of dual-clutch DSG. It’s not going to be particularly powerful, but the guys have mounted the exhaust system for the Octavia RS to keep your engine sound more, well you have emptied the entire trunk to install a mind-blowing speaker system. Tuning sponsored by Skoda.