Skoda Citigo 2017: more modern, new equipment and more space

Skoda is working very hard to renovate and update
its entire range. If few days ago we were witnesses of the arrival of the Skoda Octavia RS 245 2017 as the greatest example of sportsmanship in the family of the
berlina Czech, and also as the “icing on the cake” to the renewal of the range
Octavia, now is the time to talk about the smallest model accessible that
we offers brand. The new Skoda
Citigo 2017

Skoda Citigo 2017

The new Skoda Citigo 2017 is put at the day and presents a more modern and stylized.

Even if your sales don’t end up to curdle in the european market, with this update to good insurance that will capture the attention of potential buyers. And is that the review carried out by Skoda will feel the sea of good to the Citigo. We are faced with a model with an image more stylized, modern, fresh and youthful. In line with the latest release of the company, present new developments, both on an aesthetic level as equipment.

small vehicle Skoda designed to provide a solution for urban mobility. If you look at his front, we will find a look totally renewed. The whole of the front has been thoroughly reviewed. We have a new hood, grille redesigned, a few bumper modified and a few fog lamps updated with a new look and optionally with function illumination on the curve.

Another novelty that affects the image of the new Citigo is that now, for the finished “Style” and “Ambition” there will be an optional package that will allow us to paint the exterior rearview mirrors and the ceiling in white or black. On the other hand, the front headlamps incorporate LED lights for daytime running. We also have some new alloy wheels of 15 inches in silver and anthracite and the new color “Green Kiwi” for the body. All of these options increase the possibilities to customize the small urbanite Czech.

Skoda Citigo 2017 - interior

The interior of the Skoda Citigo 2017 also presents several novelties.

But the novelties do not end here, as the new Skoda Citigo 2017 modifies leventemente its dimensions. Enough to improve the space available in the cockpit. In particular, it has grown to 34 mm to achieve the 3.597 mm and the width of The Citigo 5-door remains in 1,645 kms my wife the height of 1.478 mm, respectively. The distance between the axles is located in the 2.420 mm, For its part, the trunk cubes 251 litres. A figure that can be increased to 951 liters if the rear seats are folded.

Well, leaving aside the image of the renewed Citigo and focusing on the interior, although there are no major changes on the outside, it is worth noting the possibility of configuring the box of instrumentation in two colors (depending on the trim level). The speed indicators, rev counter and fuel gauge have been redesigned.

on the other hand, the new generation of the radio Blues and Swing offers different possibilities of connectivity. We have from a slot for SD cards up to a USB connector and Aux jack. The application for iOS and Android devices will allow us to continue using our smartphone as the “nerve center” of the system of info-entertainment vehicle. The connection is established via Bluetooth.

Skoda Citigo 2017 - frontal

The new look of the Skoda Citigo 2017.

safety equipment that we can find in the range of the Skoda Citigo is quite interesting because we can make systems as the function of emergency braking. And how could it be less, the solutions “Simply Clever” will still be present.

Going to the (mechanic of the new Skoda Citigo 2017,
we find ourselves with an array composed of three
engines tricilĂ­ndricos
. For a part we have two of gasoline while on the other, there is a third that comes
adapted to the use of natural gas
(CNG). In the following table we detail each of these
mechanical options:

Motor Horsepower (HP) Maximum Torque (Nm) Acceleration (0-100 km/h) Maximum Speed (km/h) Average Consumption
1.0 MPI 60 95 14,4 sec 162 4,1 l/100 km
1.0 MPI 75 95 13,5 sec 173 4,1 l/100 km
1.0 G-TEC CNG 68 16,3 sec 165 4.5m3 CNG/100 km

Skoda Citigo 2017 - 3 puertas

The new Skoda Citigo 2017 will continue to be available with a body of 3 and 5 doors.

In regards to the transmissions available in the range, not
there will be changes, there will still be a change
five-speed manual
as well as a automatic ASG the same number of relations. The figures in the table above correspond to the manual shift mode with system Start&Stop function and energy recovery during braking.

The presentation in society of the new Skoda Citigo will have
place during the Geneva motor show 2017 the next month of march.
At the time of its arrival at dealerships will be available along with a
total of four levels of finish:
Easy, Active, Ambition and Style. Nor can we forget the two special editions that will
being present: Monte Carlo and Fun. It will be marketed with the measurements of three-and five-door.