Skoda Fabia: three deals that interest you if you’re looking for a subcompact cheap

If you are thinking to buy a utilitarian economic surely you’ve stopped to evaluate alternatives like the Renault Clio or Volkswagen Polo, but have you thought about a Skoda Fabia? The signature Czech we are now offering three promotions with the Skoda Fabia as the protagonist, meeting with a starting price of 8,500 euros.

This promotion leaves us with three possible choices, the three with a petrol engine and a basic supply of equipment that is articulated in two finishes:

Skoda Fabia Ambition: with the engine 1.0 MPI 60 horsepower, air conditioning, radio with touch screen, multifunction steering wheel in leather, bluetooth and on-board computer. Its price is 8,500 euros.

Skoda Fabia Like: with respect to the version Ambition adds alloy wheels and LED daytime running lights, counting in this case with a starting price of 8.990 euros.

If you’d prefer this Skoda Fabia Like with the petrol engine of 75 hp, the price happens to be 9.500 euros.

These prices include the discount brand, discount for finance the purchase with the financial proposal for the brand and the contribution of the Plan PIVE. We must bear in mind that in this price tier there are a multitude of possibilities.

For example, you have a Renault Clio with a greater allocation of equipment, with a browser, with cruise control, using a mechanical petrol 75 hp and with a starting price of 10.450 euros. The SEAT Ibiza, to 9990 euros it is also a good option in that price restrained, and basic equipment is concerned.

Nor can we lose sight of the Opel Corsa, with a promotional price of to 8,800 euros, with a simple allocation of equipment, and a gasoline engine of 75 hp.