Skoda has recorded its trade names in the united States, is landing the view?


Posts to land in the north american market, that best way to do that with its flagship

it is Already known that when the river sounds, water bears. As set out in various files of the patent and trademark office of the united States, Skoda has registered several of its trade names. Before this movement have jumped to several questions: what Is Skoda thinking of crossing the pond to the united States?

The registered names make reference to four of its models: Superb, Superb Combi, Octavia and Yeti. Their four models more representative. Everything indicates that with this strategy, Skoda could be considering, supported by Volkswagen, to make the leap to the united States, a market it abandoned in the early years 60.

The truth is that little or nothing has to see that Skoda, who emigrated with the Skoda today. The Czech brand has been strengthened and re-launched after 25-year alliance with Volkswagen. Their cars are now a reference in the old continent, and to export them to the united States would be a move more than effective for the group in general.

And is that the same as Volkswagen helped the czechs to 25 years ago, it may be that now the czechs help the germans to conquer the american market, something that will not end up getting, and I don’t just mean the recent scandals that have dotted the brand. Skoda would come to reinforce this strategy and to be able to expand their sales figures.


The Octavia is another that would make the americas

on the other hand we can also think that with the registration of these trademarks in the patent office, Skoda seeks that no one will step on trade names. However we go back to what it was before, to register such names if you don’t plan to attack the market. Be that as it may sure that soon we know more, but the river begins to sound.