Skoda has sold so far in 2016 one million cars

Interior del Skoda Octavia 2017

Approximately 10 months. That is the time that the mark of the Czech Republic has needed to market a million vehicles in all the world. This week Skoda reported that in 2016 had already given that figure so important, overcoming the 7-digit for the third consecutive year and having needed a month less than in the past 2015.

The sales data reflect that Skoda is getting a few good results, at least in terms of sales is concerned. And you don’t need or even take to study the data, you just focus a little bit on our roads, we can realize that every time you see more cars of the brand Czech, and since they are not always necessarily Octavia or Superb with the poster of “Taxi”.

Of the entire range of Skoda, the greatest growth has been obtained has been, without a doubt, the Skoda Superb. In the first ten months of the year the large saloon-the Czech has enrolled no less than 115.000 units, which have been allocated to customers around the world. This means that, compared with the same period of time of the past 2015, the growth has been 85 %, as that between the months of January and October 2015, is enrolled 61.900 Superb.

Prueba Skoda Scout 2.0 TDI 150 CV 4x4

For its part, the Skoda Fabia and Rapid are also enhanced in this financial year, with an increase of 6.7 and 7 % respectively. The best-selling model of the house is the Skoda Octavia. He, alone, represents more than a 33 % of sales, with 316.700 registrations so far this year.

best of all, for Skoda, is that the most logical thing would be that in 2017, these data improve even more. Octavia, which as we said is the best-selling model of the brand, is renewed, which should call the attention of the customers. And on the other hand we have the Skoda Kodiaq, a car super-expected in the mark, and that apparently can be one of the great successes of the next year.