Skoda Karoq 2018: new images without camouflage show us all of your details


The new SUV of Skoda is more and more near.

Our photographers have managed to capture in the full light of day a unit very similar, if not the same, the new Skoda Karoq, the successor to the current Skoda Skoda Yeti that uses as a basis the well-known SEAT Ateca.

In this new series of images we can observe and analyze with more detail what we saw initially in the video we show just a few days ago, in which I could see rolling the new model on the open road.

As we can see, Skoda have taken the SUV 5-seater SEAT and we have applied the cosmetic treatment of the Czech brand, with a new front and slight changes in the rear zone, being the most serious of which affect the C-pillar and the trunk, that appear with new forms. The pillar now goes by with the same tilt but does not have the angle marked the end of Ateca and the trunk lid now has a few optical redesigned and a termination at a double angle in the area of the handle, on the registration.


Its DNA is unmistakably Ateca.

On the front we find the same traits of the Kodiaq, so that this is the area that least similarities save with the SUV SEAT. Features lenses main rectangular forms, very narrow and sharp and under them are other auxiliary trapezoidal shape. The game of the optics and the grill is identical to that found in the SUV 7-seater Skoda.

we do Not know if the lower area is black in color for reasons of camouflage or if it will be a distinguishing sign of the model, to separate it visually even more of the Ateca.

As the Ateca, the new Karoq will be based on the MQB platform VAG and
you will have a range mechanics similar to the Spanish model, with
options diesel and petrol supercharged and versions with system
all-wheel drive. Later it is expected to be a variant plug-in hybrid.
Skoda will present the new Karoq at the iaa in Frankfurt 2017, which takes place next month of September and your marketing arancarĂ¡ before it reaches the end of the year.