Skoda Kodiaq: the long-awaited SUV 7 seater is presented in society

Skoda Kodiaq

And finally it has been presented in society the new Skoda Kodiaq.

If it is only a few hours, we have done echo of the
filtration of the Skoda Kodiaq, finally, as planned, Skoda has presented to society of their expected
SUV. The model which so much expectation has been generated has been made known in a
the event was organized by the own firm in Berlin (Germany). Yes, not many
days what can we see during the Paris motor show 2016.

Their design as well we said previously, has no surprises for us. The filtration of today we must add up all the teasers, sketches and spy photos we have been posting since the beginning of the development of this highly anticipated SUV seven-seater. prominent front or body on-high and details typical of an SUV, combined with modern details and some tweaks in technology, such as LED headlamps.

Skoda Kodiaq, a SUV with a capacity for 7 passengers

As is logical, we can not avoid to find elements that reference the latest releases of the brand as the Superb. However, in the case of this new SUV, Skoda have made special emphasis in the new course that has taken its design language. Some models that, with the passage of years, slowly go away of its essence to be rational, to adopt an image more emotional.

Skoda Kodiaq - frontal

The prominent front of the Skoda Kodiaq focus all of our attention.

¿What are your measurements? The new Skoda Kodiaq measured 4,69 meters long, 1.88 meters wide, 1,67 meters high and its wheelbase stands at 2,79 meters. Recall that the new SUV Czech is mounted on the MQB platform, an architecture used by other models such as the SEAT Ateca or the Volkswagen Tiguan. Is more, the new Skoda Kodiaq share production center with the SUV Spanish. On the other hand, weight 1.452 kg (without driver).

But, leaving to one side the exterior of the new Kodiaq and taking a look at the images of cabin, we will find out with what seem to me to be is his main virtue. Despite having dimensions not excessively large for its segment, the cabin is very well taken advantage of. Is more, although we will install the third row of seats (that will be offered optionally), seven passengers can travel in total comfort.

The standard pattern that has continued to Skoda at the time of design the interior of the new Skoda Kodiaq is to keep away from any kind of extravagance. In the wake of the latest releases of the brand, we find ourselves with a few quality finishes more than acceptable and details, curious as to the outputs of vertical air or the generous touch screen of the system of information and entertainment “Skoda Connect”, located on the central console, and with which to create a multimedia environment connected with the platform, SmartLink, with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, MirrorLinkTM and SmartGate. As is logical, versions and finishes better-equipped Skoda Kodiaq will present upholstered leather of great quality, aluminium pedals or the LED ambient lighting.

Skoda Kodiaq - lateral

Its side profile leaves no room for doubt, we are before an authentic SUV seven-seater.

And talking about equipment, we find the details as interesting and practical as the “Phonebox” on which to load our smartphone using inductive charging, or a whole range of driver assistance systems and safety. Details such as the camera “Area View” system, the “Tow Assist” or the “Front Assist” can make you feel more comfortable when you travel in this SUV. As is logical, you will also find other systems and technologies of security, such as the notice of change of lane, reader traffic signs, signals or an adaptive cruise control.

But, in addition to having a cockpit very spacious and technological, the new model of Skoda also offers a luggage compartment with a generous load capacity. Without folding down a single seat, the trunk cubicará 720 litres (with an interior five-seater), a figure not insignificant. In the case of a fold the second row of seats, that number will rise to the 2.065 liters. By the way, the third row of seats, as well we have been able to see in pictures, will leave the floor completely flat when folded. And also, if you equip the front passenger seat folding, we can carry objects of up to 2,80 metres long.

The trunk cubic 720L (without the third row of seats)

Another detail to keep in mind is that, although in the beginning it was said that the Skoda Kodiaq could have the digital instrumentation variable of Volkswagen, finally it will not be so. And in part it is something very logical that the Volkswagen Group has to continue to justify the price difference that we found between models of Skoda and Volkswagen, which, despite everything, they share engine, platform and many components.

Skoda Kodiaq - interior

Its spacious interior with seven-passenger capacity is one of its main virtues.

So it is the range of engines of the Skoda Kodiaq

Is something that we already knew from a while ago. From the moment of its arrival to the market, the new Skoda Kodiaq will have a range of engines initially made up of two diesel engines and three petrol engines. The range of power will be located between 125 HP and 190 HP. Engines with injection, all of them equipped with system Stop&Start and a powerful system of thermal management.

On the side diesel, you will find a liter TDI engine of 2.0 liters available in two options: 150 HP and 340 Nm as well as 190 HP and 400 Nm respectively. And in regards to gasoline engines, we will have two engines, TSI 1.4-liter engine and a 2.0 TSI. The version of access to the range of gasoline will be set by the TSI engine 1.4 with 125 HP and 200 Nm. Above you will find a engine 1.4 TSI with 150 HP and 250 Nm. And the third option will be the TSI engine 2.0-liter with 180 HP and 320 Nm of maximum torque.

2 diesel engines and 3 gasoline at the time of its launch

the top of The range shall be fixed from time to time by a liter TDI engine 2.0-liter with 190 HP. With said block, the Kodiaq can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 8,6 seconds and reach a top speed of 210 km/h. Depending on the engine chosen, we will be able to choose between a gearbox six-speed manual a automatic DSG of double clutch and seven relations. As standard, the Skoda Kodiaq will have front-wheel drive, although depending on the version we will be able to opt for all-wheel drive 4×4.

Skoda Kodiaq - interior

The third row of seats will be offered on an optional basis in the range of the Skoda Kodiaq.

in Addition, we must also point out that the Skoda Kodiaq account with the system Driving Mode Select that will allow us to choose between different driving modes as well as the Dynamic Chassic Control (DCC). With both systems, you can configure the response of the steering, throttle, transmission and suspension. So we will be able to tackle any kind of situation.

¿When it will come to the
In the first place, we will have to wait until the end of this
month of September since the Skoda Kodiaq will be displayed to the public to attend the
Paris motor show 2016. Shortly after it will start its production and
later you will arrive at the dealers. Sales are to begin at the end
this year.