Skoda launches a safety belt for man’s best friend

Summer comes and when transporting drive you to reach your best friend, the dog. Even to go to the beach to play or a hike in the mountains, the importance of properly carry your dog is vital. Ideally, traveling in its carrier in the cargo area of ​​the vehicle, which also will be protected in case of accidents or sudden stops. Skoda has devised various solutions for their vehicles, in order that our beloved furry friends traveling comfortably and safely .

The goal is that our beloved furry friends to travel comfortably and safely.

The first solution is a seatbelt for dogs . The dog must be submitted on one of the back seats of the car. A harness attached to the dog, which is anchored to the seat belt, placed in position. Violent braking seatbelt locks and the dog is held by the harness. Another of the solutions presented by Skoda is a plastic slip padded surface a kind of hammock for dogs standing in the back row of seats -. That is completely void

skoda-accesorios-perros-1 This hammock allows the dog relax and comfortable traveling unfilled seat hairs. As slip, our pet just move in strong or sudden braking elusive. It is available throughout the Skoda range. A wire mesh to the trunk of the Superb Combi and Fabia Combi separates the passenger space, a solution already known for some time. Finally, you’ll protect the bottom of the trunk of your car with a new set of plastic covers tailored, ideal for transporting a dog.

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