Skoda Octavia 2017: Improvements in equipment and greater connectivity


Materials and finishes renewed, and new elements such as the voalnte heated.

The renewed Škoda Octavia not only unveils a new exterior image, with the great novelty of their controversial optical groups divided front. Also released improvements in the areas of comfort and equipment, as well as new items in this area.

In the interior of the new Octavia facelift we can find elements redesigned, as the insertions, which, according to versions also have ambient lighting, that even allows the user to choose between 10 different colors.

The seats have new upholstery and the dashboard as the dashboard and the infotainment system receiving improvements. One of the new elements is the new steering wheel, which now heating and there is a possibility of having three smart keys, which stores the settings specific to each user.


Improvements in the section of infotainment.

The options of infotainment include 4 different possibilities, the sound systems, Swing and Bolero, the first of them available in the access options, in addition to navigation systems Amundsen and Columbus. All these variants have been updated, and can be operated by touch screen.

Already in the most basic system, Swing, find the platform, SmartLink+, which is compatible with MirrorLink, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, to be able to connect our smartphone. In addition to the application system SmartGate, which provides details of the vehicle, accessible from the smartphone of the user.

As with the sound system Bolero find a screen of 8.0 inches, which features a proximity sensor that activates when it detects the proximity of the hand. As with the larger systems, Amundsen and Columbus find browser and possibility of having Wifi connection for users. This system is already integrated in the navigator of Columbus, who also has a screen of 9.2 inch.


Recharge of mobile wireless technology.

Some of the details of finish and equipment that are included in the set of elements ‘Simply Clever’, characteristic of Škoda, we found folding tables and LED lamps, in addition to a few holes bottle holders that allow you to open them without needing to take them out, so they can operate them with one hand. In the boots of the versions Combi, we also found a useful flashlight LED with magnet.

In regards to livability, the new Škoda Octavia continues to be one of the best in the segment. The two versions of body count with 590 and 610 liters of cargo volume in the trunk, respectively, that are extended up to the 1.580 liters in the case of the sedan and up to 1.740 liters in the case of the family Station wagon.

Among the optional equipment we can highlight the system Phonebox recharge mobile without cable or the sound system Canton, only available from the finish Ambition and that account, in addition to a subwoofer in the trunk, with eight speakers indoor.