Skoda Octavia RS 230, a special edition for Geneva

Skoda Octavia RS 230 1 Skoda Octavia RS 230, una edición especial para Ginebra A few days begins Geneva Motor Show manufacturers are quick to communicate the novelties presented at the prestigious Swiss event. The Czech carmaker Skoda announced today that it will present at this important event a special edition based on the sporty version of the Skoda Octavia that yields 220 hp petrol engine, a special edition called Skoda Octavia RS 230 [1999006 ].

We must say that so far the Czech firm has shown very shy in details, and has been limited to offer two images accompanied by a pair of data. As you could find out the name, the Skoda Octavia RS 230 Special Edition offers superior to conventional power model. The improvement is 10 hp going from 220 to 230 ponies . As for the pair know if it has also increased.

Skoda Octavia RS 230 Skoda Octavia RS 230, una edición especial para Ginebra Although 10 horses may seem few a priori, the truth is that with that little extra power this special edition improves the records of the conventional model. Now it is capable of reaching 250 km / h takes the exercise of zero to sixty in a split second less, stopping the clock in 6.7 seconds. The Skoda Octavia RS 230 becomes its own merits Skoda serial fastest ever .

Finally, according communicates the brand, the model presented in Geneva is the first signature model series incorporate a block of front axle differential with electronic control. As for aesthetic details we can see that retains the same aesthetic appeal although now the rear spoiler is painted in glossy black color.

Source – Skoda

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