Skoda Octavia RS, now with TDI engine, all-wheel drive and DSG

skoda octavia rs Skoda Octavia RS, ahora con motor TDI, tracción total y cambio DSG Skoda presents a new alternative to its more powerful and sporty model, the Skoda Octavia RS . The Czech manufacturer offers since 2013 the third generation of the Octavia RS, with bodies sedan and Combi TSI and 220 hp TDI engine of 184 horses, plus the Octavia RS 230. All three versions of Czech sports can opt for the manual transmission or automatic dual-clutch DSG.

Now the brand, owned by Volkswagen Group, enriches the catalog for the Skoda Octavia RS with the arrival of AWD to set. It will be the motor 2.0 TDI with automatic DSG six relations alone can opt for four-wheel drive. It is the first time a Skoda with name RS takes AWD, although is already found in more modest versions of the Octavia range, as in the 2.0 TDI Scout or variants.

skoda octavia rs 2 Skoda Octavia RS, ahora con motor TDI, tracción total y cambio DSG This new mechanical assembly, the Skoda Octavia RS TDI of 184 horses speeds of 0 to 100 in 7.6 seconds and is capable of reaching 228 km / h speed limit. Notable for a high level of efficiency with average consumption of 4.9 liters and CO2 emissions of 129 grams per kilometer, but then in real driving conditions, these data are usually higher. Consumption is increased to 0.5 liters in the TDI hand, although the second half improvement in acceleration with respect to two-wheel drive versions.

The AWD system uses a Haldex center differential fifth generation acting on the rear axle when it detects loss of grip or strong acceleration. This system is complemented by the electronic management system XDS + , standard in the Octavia RS, which helps improve cornering braking the inside wheel. At the moment the cost overrun of the total traction is unknown, although in the Octavia Combi TDI 150 hp is only 780 euros.

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