Skoda Octavia RS, the Czech sports family continues to grow: diesel, 184 horses and AWD

Skoda increases the family of models under the RS badge to present one Skoda Octavia RS who, driven by a diesel mechanics, transmits its 184 horses to four-wheel, and offering a new perspective among the 220 hp petrol and 230 hp and diesel front-wheel drive.

No changes beyond the mechanical section, meeting with the sportier bumpers, the nuances of the compartment, the revised suspension, differential XDS + …

sports bumpers, new wheels … ingredients known both outside and in its interior are kept intact as is logical in this version that has, already entering the mechanical, an appetizing additive for diesel block: wheel drive system .

Thus the familiar 2.0 TDI leaves us with 184 horses spread to all four wheels and a pair of 380 Nm available between 1,750 rpm and 3,250 rpm. For transmission Skoda has turned to a transmission DSG 6-speed .

Prestacionalmente this Octavia RS AWD diesel marks a 0 to 100 km / h in 7.6 seconds , and its top speed of 228 km / h . When compared with the acceleration of the front wheel drive version we find that 6/10 is faster but its top speed is only slightly penalized, imagine the added weight AWD system.


will be available both as a sedan and station wagon with.

Beyond these figures we find an average consumption of 4.9 l / 100 km and emissions of CO2 of 129 g / km. These figures are also better than those recorded by the 180 hp variant and front wheel drive.

More Skoda Octavia RS?

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