Skoda Spaceback ScoutLine: I want you green green, Spaceback becomes “crossover”

recently he lived a curious anecdote. A friend was deciding their next purchase, and I recognized that I was looking for a crossover consultándome by some of the possible alternatives, starting for Dacia Sandero Stepway. So many clients understand the alternative editions jackets many cars, vehicles are not designed as SUV nor as crossover use, although at one point that can attract client who is left wanting by their appearance, or greater protection to move difficult terrain. So we knew the news today, the launch of the product that you see above, makes sense. It is called [1.99901 million] Skoda Spaceback ScoutLine , and is the version most jacket Skoda Rapid Spaceback and we knew until now.

There is more than a Skoda Spaceback with protections low, fenders and wheel arches and an exclusive paint finish in pistachio tone.

Why is jeep? The Skoda Spaceback ScoutLine will not have alternative traction to all four wheels, and its dimensions are not comparable to any SUV nor to an crossover itself (What is a crossover? Are there real or are an invention of marketing?). Still, this ScoutLine was strengthened to defend various fields, such as poorly paved or unpaved tracks, with greater protection of the body in the basement, fenders and wheel arches. Major improvements such as the use of high suspensions and with a looser path are not specified.

What we do know is that this Skoda Spaceback ScoutLine will be marketed later this month and as a special edition, only available in selected European markets , including know if it will be Spain.


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Among other improvements, his defenses look a more rugged look of hand details in black matte, chrome, etc. It will be offered with [1.99901 million] wheels 16 and 17 inches , and although it will be available with the full palette of colors Spaceback range, also feature a unique tone to the customer, pistachio green that is seen in these images.

It will be marketed with the full range of this engine in the Skoda Spaceback and aims to give more good atmosphere to a product, the Skoda Spaceback, of which 2014 were sold a total of 72,400 units.

Source: Skoda
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