Skoda Superb Black Crystal, with details crystal Precious

Skoda Superb Black CrystalThe Skoda Superb has always been the flagship of the Czech brand, and as such, the versions are more luxurious and refined are going to stop in this model. The Skoda Superb Laurin & Klement are the most luxurious in the model, but the new Superb you want to develop that aspect of premium with the new show car of the firm, the Skoda Superb Black Crystal, designed in collaboration with the brand of glassware Precious.

The manufacturer of crystals has been given the task of re-interpreting some of the details of the Skoda Superb Laurin & Klement. As well, the alloy wheels have a striking design finished with StarDust, which takes small crystals and bright attractive tires multiradio of the sedan. The glass is present in other elements such as anagrams exterior of the bodywork and the wheels as well as the emblem Laurin & Klement on the steering wheel.

Skoda Superb Black Crystal
The Skoda Superb Black Crystal is a single unit, that will not reach production, and are presented to the public in Designblok 2015, the Week of Design and Fashion of the Czech Republic which opens tomorrow its doors in Prague. In this way, the Skoda Superb will be surrounded by the latest trends, but with a common denominator, the attention to detail.

Skoda Superb Black CrystalSource – Skoda

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