Skoda Tribute to The Guardians of Winter

The chilly winter breeze takes over every little corner of the street Valdelinares , the highest village in Spain. The inhabitants of this place have survived the harsh weather conditions in this environment over the years, it poses as real heroes. Skoda performs a tribute to his favor, and proposes a challenge as it has been called Guardians of Winter do you want to see an amazing video?

Homenaje de ŠKODA a Los Guardianes del Invierno

The school in the highest village in Spain stands in the middle of winter cold, resist low temperatures as it is subject. It is true that the 70 residents of Valdelinares already adapted to local conditions, but not the new visitors. The lack of students will lead inevitably to close schools if next year does not improve student numbers.

This case, as usual in this center, students will be in the obligation to move to school in a neighboring village, which would mean a journey of several tens of kilometers each day, a real workhorse for these Guardians of Winter names like Skoda has called these heroes.

In order to avoid permanent closure of the school and in recognition of the value that the inhabitants of this place have shown over the years in Skoda has released a video that showed the conditions they were each of its citizens, praising their laudable achievement. However, this video is not remained a pure homage, but has gone further by proposing a challenge: if the video failed to reach thousand impressions would give its citizens Skoda Scout 4 × 4 .

 Los Guardianes del Invierno

test was overcome, and the villagers can enjoy this legendary car. The car brand has gone a step further and decided to make this video in a TV commercial and documentary, all under the campaign “ With “.

What you think all this initiative?

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