Skoda Tudor (2002): What if Skoda would have dared with an Octavia Coupe or a Superb Coupe?

why we like both the coupes, and the manufacturers were so hard to give the green light to these projects? In 2002, the Skoda Superb is already in dealers, and a path of a new Octavia, Skoda has proposed a design exercise, which, for obvious issues, it would attract all the attention of media in his presentation at the Geneva motor show of that year. Your appearance, it makes us think of a Skoda Octavia Coupe, since their traits resemble those of the model that landed in dealerships two years later. But in reality it was a prototype, even more ambitious, based on the platform of the Superb. What happened with the Skoda Tudor Concept?

The Skoda Tudor Concept 2002 ahead of the traits that two years later would see in the Octavia, although it was based on the platform of the Superb.

Skoda rescued an emblem, the Tudor, which had already been known one of its models – a sedan of two doors – manufactured after the end of the Second World War. The design team at Skoda tried to create a coupe sculptural, with a lot of poise and a great visual appeal. With a design that has now been left behind, for certain features, such as your front grille, or the optics in the rear. But, honestly, if you apply some of the details that we have already seen in the new generation of Skoda Octavia, or Superb, its design would fit perfectly a decade after it had been filed.

unfortunately, the Skoda Tudor did not come to the dealers, nor does it seem that such was never the intention of Skoda.


The prototype enjoyed with a suspension lowered, and a chassis is more sporty than the one used by the first generation of the Skoda Superb, although it remains front-wheel-drive. To make matters worse, it was equipped with a V6 engine 2.771 cm3 and 190 HP, which accelerated from 0 to 100 km/h in around 8 seconds and could reach speeds of 237 km/h. That engine was also the most powerful available, at that time, in the Superb.

The truth is that, in the view of these images, today in day they continue to make us dream of the possibility that Skoda will come along with an Octavia or a Superb two-door. Which would be a genuine surprise. In any case, can you imagine the result that could have a coupe of these features, marketed by a brand that offers a huge sedan of representation for more than 20,000€?

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