Skoda Vision And Concept: the SUV of electric and autonomous from the Czech brand is already official

Skoda Vision E Concept - posterior

Skoda Vision And Concept, a prototype of the SUV-100% electric and with technology driving autonomous.

During these last few days, Skoda has been posting various previews of his big scoop to the Shanghai Auto show 2017. However, the filtering that took place on the day of yesterday chafó surprise that the Czech manufacturer had saved for this important event. The new Skoda Vision And Concept is already official, and we can take a look at the official images and all the data that has been published to the own brand.

we’re at the first model developed by Skoda on the platform MEB of the Volkswagen Group. An architecture that the German manufacturer created specifically for electric vehicles. And in addition to being powered by a mechanical 100% electrical, we are also faced with the first prototype with a driving system of autonomous created by the company Czech.

The design of the Skoda Vision And called quickly to our attention by his character passionate and emotional. Skoda continues to deepen in its new design language and proof of this are the latest models that has been released to the market. This prototype SUV with line coupe dispenses with B-pillars and its sleek look is characterized by a strip of LED lighting and headlamps technology Matrix LED.

Skoda Vision E Concept - frontal

The Skoda Vision And Concept will be displayed at the Shanghai Auto show 2017.

The huge tires or the lack of mirrors and rear conventional doors are another of its striking features. Lenses rear also add to the LED technology and the fall of the roof are items to consider in your behind.

Leaving to one side the outside and focusing on the interior, we find a interior is very spacious which bypasses the tunnel of transmission to offer the maximum possible space to the four occupants who will travel on individual seats. The touch screen located on the center console or the spaces in the panels of the gates to keep the smartphones are some of the curiosities that offers us the Vision E.

Measures of the Skoda Vision And Concept
Long 4,688 mm
Width 1,924 mm
High 1,591 mm
Distance between axes 2,851 mm

Skoda Vision E Concept - interior

A look from above to the interior of the Skoda Vision And Concept.

in Addition, it is equipped with the latest generation infotainment system Skoda Connect and the occupants will be able to be connected at all times thanks to the Wifi access point and the module LTE (4G). Many aspects of the system of info-entertainment can be controlled through gestures, and through voice commands. The vehicle is also equipped with a warning system of driver fatigue, and monitoring of the cardiac pulse.

Another of the main features of the new prototype of the Skoda is that it is endowed with an conduction system of the autonomous level 3. To this we must add different types of driving aids that will make it more safe to travel in this vehicle.

The new Skoda Vision And Concept is powered by two electric motors, each one of them acts on one of the axes (configuration of all-wheel drive), and cast a combined power of 225 kW (306 HP). Thanks to that it can reach a maximum speed of 180 km/h while its pack of lithium-ion batteries will allows to navigate up to 500 kilometres with a single charge.

Skoda Vision E Concept

The autonomy of the Skoda Vision And Concept is up to 500 kilometres on a single charge.

This prototype that we will be able to see on the stand of Skoda during the Shanghai Auto show 2017 is positioned as a spearhead of the offensive power that will take over the Czech manufacturer of face to the year 2025. The brand has confirmed that it will market up to five electric cars of different segments. The mechanical electrified very soon will be the standard pattern in the range of Skoda.