Škoda want to keep your dog safe


Skoda designed an exclusive safety belt for dogs , including a new series of accessories for pets offering designed as to models its range.


Skoda-cinturon-para-perros-3 Škoda introduced a series of accessories for pet owners, but the one that most caught our attention was the seat belt for dogs . [1.99901 million]

Škoda offers a seat belt adapted for dogs.

S ithout doubt that this is a problem that many owners of dogs face as wear her dog on the back seat is not only dangerous for the dog, but also to other occupants of the vehicle .

Before an emergency stop or an accident, the belt prevents the dog fly expelled from the carrier, while the dog hit prevents others from behind.

In addition Škoda offers accessory to protect the backseat Scratches and dirt from pets, while the non-slip surface with which it is made, helps to keep as still as the dog possible. A third accessory serves to divide the cargo area into two sections, to be located on one pets, without affecting the luggage.

The accessories are available as for Yeti, Rapid, Octavia and Octavia Estate Rapid Spaceback . We do not know if this line of accessories will expand to other products of the VAG family, although it would be a good idea. [1.99901 million]






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