Skoda will decide to return to the united States in 2017

Skoda - gama

Skoda has already registered the names of some of its models in the united States.

Talk about the possible return of Skoda to the united States is no novelty. It is more, at the beginning of the month of June my companion Javier already did echo of a very important fact of this issue. And is that Skoda has already registered the trade name of some of their models. A movement on the part of the signature Czech that points to your landing in one of the markets crashes most important of the world.

however, it is not gold that glitters. The final decision of returning to the market left for more than a century not to be taken lightly. Is more, the latest information we have available, the more the statements of some senior executives of Skoda, point to the next 2017 as the year in which it is ultimately the company will decide whether to return or not to the u.s. market.

despite this, and although we may think that this topic can be found in a moment of “break” for Skoda, the reality is quite different. Is more, we have been able to know that in the last few weeks, Skoda has also taken the time to register other trade names and logos in the Patent and Trademark Office of the united States. The brand has already registered the logo and the name “vRS”.

Skoda - gama

Skoda has also registered the trade name “vRS” for their sport versions.

In this way, and if you finally Skoda returns to the united States, would have no problem in being able to offer there versions more sports and radicals of their models. Bernhard Maier, CEO of Skoda, has been who has pointed out that, for the expansion plans of the company, being present in the main markets crashes is more a necessity than a desire.

“During the next year we will make the decision on whether to finally return to the north American market. When we talk about our plans for expansion and growth of face to the year 2025, we can not ignore the need to be present in the main markets of automobile on the planet. And the united States is one of them. We study all the conditions and our line of models to make sure that a return to the united States would be positive for Skoda”.

Currently we can find models of Skoda in 102 countries, however, of face to the year 2025, the brand wants to expand to get a presence in 120 countries. During the next 12 months will see the arrival of Skoda in South Korea, Singapore and Iran respectively.