SKYACTIV-R: Mazda appears prepared to demonstrate that a sporty with a rotary engine still has a place

we Hope impatient the revelation of Mazda for the Living in Tokyo. A new sports concept hides between the shadows of a first advancement that makes us dream with a new sport, with a successor to the Mazda RX-7, for the Mazda RX-8, which, of course, would be animated by a rotating mechanical… will find out to adapt Mazda a propeller rotating to the new times?

From the brand itself may already have confirmed their arrival to production:

according To Coach, this rotating mechanical would have been confirmed by Kiyoshi Fujiwara, responsible for research and development of Mazda, who has pointed out in addition to your possible business name: “Skyactiv-R”.

For now, Mazda has not provided any detail beyond that breakthrough, that sports, among shadows. A suggestive line that effectively hides a coupe, apparently with a configuration style of the long snout and delayed passenger compartment, a similar concept, in other dimensions, which suggests to us the Mercedes-AMG GT.

In 2018, will be fulfilled 40 years of the launch of the Mazda RX-7 original, a year earlier marks the 50 anniversary of the launch of another newspaper even more legendary, the Mazda Cosmo, both are a perfect excuse to bring the market a new sports, although, of course, to us too many reasons to dream about it.

Mazda tends to be dependable with their conceptual models and come just without changes to production. we are both impatient, in the next few days we will have more news.