Small problems are holding back to Ferrari on the first day


Ferrari threatened to lead the new era of Formula 1, but at least for the moment, the results of the test of pre-season have not been transferred to the track australia Albert Park.

Is soon, however, to draw conclusions, but Lewis Hamilton has clearly shown that Mercedes will be a year more, a strong candidate to serve as a reference in the grill. Sebastian Vettel, who had problems with the DRS and with the MGU-K, not ended up satisfied with the set-up of his Ferrari SF70-H, but it makes a positive balance of a first day in which he has achieved the second best time by five tenths of Lewis Hamilton.

“In general has gone well, but we had some small issues during the first session that cost us time on track. Obviously, we were very happy during the test, but that means nothing. I Think that the car is going well, not much has changed, but we can still improve”.

“I have Not been entirely happy with the balance of the car. can Be improved and we have time to do it. I think I can do much better. I have not seen what they have done to others, but we must continue to be realistic. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow, which is when everyone will show their true potential. The team is working well and can be improved a lot.”

Kimi Räikkönen -who got the fourth best record to nine tenths of Hamilton- had more problems to find that extra speed with the tires ultrablandos, but the Finnish driver showed off his usual coldness to the press and compared the first day of practice to the pre-season test.

“it Is difficult to make comparisons with regard to the test. This track brings different sensations, the asphalt was very dirty at the beginning, and remains, a circuit very different. Don’t really expect anything today. It’s a bit like in the test, we had no idea what everyone else did, like today. , we Could have filmed more today, but we had little problems. Even so, we have to be happy in general, we have learned a lot and we know where we need to improve”.