Smart Fortwo Cabrio Brabus, the exclusive touch that I needed


The Smart Fortwo Cabrio is the perfect blend that allows you to enjoy the city and the urban surroundings, with the freedom of a convertible. A car is tremendously special, but has always missed a touch more aggressiveness, a face of bad boy. And it is here where arises the figure of the Smart Fortwo Cabrio Brabus Edition presented at the Geneva motor show.

But I do not think that it is the Smart Fortwo signed by Brabus, not. In reality, it is a line of accessories specially designed by the trainer to the smallest of the family. Units are specially prepared for them, and for that reason there will be only 200 in the street, with a starting price of 29.950 euros.

A price excessive for a car so small. More if we take into account that not improves the performance. It mounts the same engine that the Smart factory, although in its more powerful variant, yes. We speak of a block of three cylinders and a liter engine with 90 HP and automatic change of double clutch and six-speed.

Among the equipment that is included has to highlight items such as heated seats, parking sensors, climate control, petrol tank expanded and LED lights. Brabus puts his signature with a seats in special leather with contrast stitching and a better coating of the dashboard and certain areas of the interior.


Outwardly it will be very easy to recognize the Brabus Edition. You only need to look at the blue paint matte, which is used for all areas of the car, grill, cell Tridion and bumper. The contrast will be defined by the casing, in titanium grey color, and the insignia of Brabus spread over the body.