Smart what is clear, will only sell in the united States of their electric range

Smart Fortwo Electric 1

market of electric vehicles is still in its phase of emergence. Even though there are several brands (Renault and Nissan mainly) that already sell this type of vehicle bulk still have to increase its critical mass in the market. The main problem that exists with this type of cars is that their autonomy and price is still light years ahead of what they offer vehicles powered by traditional mechanical.

united States is one of the countries that best host you could give this type of cars, as its population size would allow for big sales. However you still have a problem, and it is its huge expanse of land because these cars should be to stop several times to cover the distance between New York and Los Angeles. However if brands know how to fine-tune their products could find great reefs to increase their sales and Smart is already thinking about what to do to be the first to open that melon in the united States.

Smart Fortwo Electric

The little models of the firm Daimler AG sold more than well in the united States. This by itself is unlikely since the american customers do not tend to be very prone to acquire a car of these features. Smart sells its models with combustion engines that it already has in Europe, however would be thinking of them to sell, put on sale the same models but only with mechanical power.

To support this strategy electrified we would have that Smart to incorporate a convertible version of the ForTwo ED in addition to the ForFour ED. Best of all is that the electric motors of Smart, have improved its main parameters and hence the gain in power and autonomy (without being the best) is more than acceptable. Your engine develops 82 hp or (61 kW) and is able to give 160 Nm of torque.

This is powered by a battery of 17.6 kWh that can be recharged in 6 hours on a standard household outlet. In the case of a wallbox the thing is reduced to 3.5 hours. All this is reflected in the autonomy, it will be between 150 and 160 kilometers depending on the car purchased.

Will have to see how it develops this strategy, as well as if you achieve the objective that had been raised.

Source – Smart

smart fortwo
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