Smedley believes that the end of Massa at Ferrari was Alonso, not his accident


Rob Smedley was engineer of track for Felipe Massa during his time at Ferrari and, among other things, the voice that uttered the famous phrase “Felipe, Fernando is faster than you” (“Philip, Fernando is faster than you”) in the German Grand Prix of 2010.

Now shares with the brazilian their last moments in Formula 1 in Williams, the team that both went in 2014 after several bad years of Felipe in Ferrari. For Smedley, the cause of the poor performance of Massa since his return in 2010 was not the accident of the Grand Prix of Hungary of 2009, speculation blemish “bullshit”. For the british engineer, the cause was that the team is exclusively focused on Fernando Alonso. “The team that Massa stopped in 2009, it was very balanced between him and Kimi (Räikkönen). The team that returned in 2010 was completely focused on Fernando (Alonso). It all revolved around Fernando, that was the problem, it had nothing to do with him.”, as stated at the average brazilian AOL.

In contrast, Felipe Massa is more diplomatic and just say he felt just as good as before after the accident and thinks that the only thing that changed is that the victories did not come. “If it was for the accident, the car, the computer, it is impossible to know. But I felt good after the accident as before. Always gave the maximum and I did very good things after all. Everything remained the same, only that the victories did not come”.